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Dan Lamoureux, Oblate Associate Becomes Permanent Deacon

On Friday, July 14, at 7:00 pm, at the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Cutknife, SK, Bishop Albert Thevenot, (Missionary of Africa) ordained Daniel Lamoureux as a permanent deacon. Dan joins Gil Bellavance and Brad Taylor (also Oblate Associates) as permanent deacons in the Diocese of Prince Albert.

Prior to the ordination mass the people of the parish provided a lunch for those who were in need of a little sustenance and refreshment after their travels. Family, friends, clergy and Oblates gathered from across Saskatchewan to pray and to visit, giving thanks and celebrating the work of God. As the notes of “Be Not Afraid” sounded in the Church a lengthy procession wound its way into the Church through the honour guard of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus who had come from the Battlefords’ area. As the Word of God was proclaimed we listened to words of instruction and promise, challenge and encouragement. Following various ritual exchanges, which made manifest Dan’s freedom, intention, preparation and commitment to ordination, the Bishop broke open God’s Word. His reflections reminded us of our Christian call to service and they highlighted what is of the essence in diaconal ministry: love and service.

Bishop Albert’s words were followed by the call to prayer. Becker’s Litany of the Saints, which featured the traditional list of saints, was supplemented by saints who have influenced the spirituality and vision of Dan. The community’s strong response resounded in the Church and made manifest our desire for God to bless this man and the people he will serve. The Promise of Obedience, the Laying on of Hands, the Prayer of Consecration, the Investiture of the Stole and Dalmatic, the Presentation of the Book of the Gospels and the Kiss of Peace brought to a conclusion the ordination rite. Dan, who has served many liturgies as Acolyte, assisted Deacon Gil Bellavance and Bishop Thevenot, throughout the remainder of the liturgy.

As the liturgy concluded Dan used Mary’s words from the Magnificat to express his feelings of gratitude. Speaking in Cree he reached out to those whom he is being sent to serve. Following his ordination he will be working with Deacon Gil Bellavance and will be assigned to the Sweetgrass, Mosquito, Red Pheasant and Poundmaker Reserves located near Battleford and Cut Knife. It is interesting to note that these communities were in the care of the Missionary Oblates for many years. May the poor hear Good News as these two Oblate Associates team up! May their work prosper!

Janice Lamoureux, Deacon Dan Lamoureux and Bishop Albert Thévenot

Following the liturgy, pictures were taken, greetings were exchanged and food and refreshments were enjoyed. Bill Stang, OMI, Superior of the Oblate District Community in Saskatchewan, congratulated Dan on behalf of the Oblate community. As is the custom for significant Oblate moments the Oblate women and men who were present led the community in singing the Salve Regina.

After some basic clean-up we returned to the Prairie Flower House of Prayer and gathered for a little celebration of our own, noting that this ordination marks a change in our little community. With gratitude we acknowledged what God has done and is doing. We again prayed in thanksgiving for Dan’s call, his generous commitment, his family and the people with whom he will work and to whom he is sent!

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God bless you!
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