My Discernment Journey: Kenya

henry%20mbae1.web My Discernment Journey: KenyaMy name is Henry Mbae wa Nabea. I hail from Meru diocese which is in the eastern province of Kenya. I was born and raised up in a Catholic family, and therefore , I was introduced to the teachings of the Church at an early age. The seed of faith was planted in me by my beloved parents who never abdicated their parental role to instil Christian values in us. I am grateful to them for that.   In my family I am privileged to have eight siblings; three brothers and four sisters. I am the fifth born and the second son.

As I grew up as a small boy I was always fascinated by priests who used to come for Sunday Mass in my home prayer house and I greatly admired their lifestyle.  I resolved to become a priest when I grew up. Joining religious life and becoming a priest  was my childhood dream.

My childhood desire to become a religious priest intensified after I completed my High School studies. I felt an overwhelming and almost compulsive desire to live a life of deep prayer and service to the unprivileged members of society. I felt great love for religious life and it seemed to me that religious life was the ideal life for me.

By this time I was living at my brother’s home at Kionyo. The  Kionyo  Parish is run by Oblate priests. For  for the short time that I had been living there , I knew the Oblates. Everybody in the Parish including the non- Catholics knew the Oblates well because of the many projects in the parish and also because of their total dedication in their work. I had fallen in love with the lifestyle of the Oblates and their good works.

I contacted the Oblates in the Parish and through their assistance I applied and I was taken to journey with them. Currently I am in third year Philosophy and I am very happy with whatever I am doing.  I am at peace and I  feel that I am following the right path in life.
I am quite grateful to the Oblates, the sponsors, and all who are contributing in my formation. May the almighty God bless you all.

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